With $12 – learn to Speak English Online

by Bijay

For many new immigrants, including those coming from Nepal, communication is a huge challenge in their new home country.  This is true for many who come to the US and try to make it their new home.

As they struggle to adapt and also to make ends meet, many of them do not have the time to go to a formal class setting and take language and other courses.  Online platforms like Udemy
icon provides a great avenue for them to learn the new language and culture.  Since most of the courses are designed to be learned at the student’s own pace and time, the flexibility is what makes it extremely attractive and useful.

There are many English language course at extremely low prices. They range from $12 US to $30.  One is able to search based on ratings, relevance and price.

There is also a wide variety of course available.  There are courses like “English for Beginners: Learn Basic English” to more advanced, “Basic American Pronunciation” and “Speak English like a Native”.

Aside from the English courses there are also many other types of courses that could be tremendously helpful for a new immigrant.  Knowing more about the new culture is important not only in a social setting but also in the corporate and business world.

Here is a great course for FREE: “How To Make a Great First Impression”.  American culture is a very open and transparent culture as opposed to many other cultures in the world – especially those from the developing world.  Cultures from Asia have very subtle nuances and reserved.  American culture is more aggressive from that perspective.  The first impression that you make is very important.  An immigrant who knows about this and also knows how to actually make a good first impression (the American way), puts that individual at a huge advantage over those that do not have this know how.  This knowledge could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.

Another course that could be very interesting for new immigrants is a course called “Radiate Confidence: how to create 1000 watt Presense”.  Many immigrants who come to a new country are intimidated by the new culture, the social norms, and the language skills.  It is natural that the confidence level of the individual is at a very low level.  For 24 dollars in Udemy, you can take this course and learn about different techniques to boost of your confidence.  Again, this helps the individual not only in social settings but also in the corporate world.

Many Nepali immigrants struggle with communication skills in the new language. Many of them who are working in the service industry would actually earn much more per hour only if they could communicate better.  Udemy and other online platforms to develop these skills could be a great option.