Where is Nepal?

by Bijay
Where is Nepal?

So you want to know where Nepal is?  Many people around the Globe are not familiar with Nepal’s location.  You hear all the time  people asking: Where is Nepal located on the world map?  Or “Where is Nepal located in Asia”, specifically.  At least if they know that it is located in Asia.  Sometimes, people relate Nepal with Tibet and ask “Where is Nepal and Tibet?”


Many people know Nepal by its mountains the Himalayas.  Where is Nepal on the world map?  It is where 90% of the Himalayas are located. Nepal is located between India and China.  So to answer your question about “Where is Nepal?”.  Just think of India and China (especially the Tibetan Plateau), and just look for a tiny elongated piece of land in the World map.

Where is Nepal

The video below shows where Nepal is located and how to drive – from Kathmandu to the capital of Tibet – Lhasa.  Enjoy !!!

This video is one of the best explaining the route and the different towns that you will pass through – Viewed by over 9000 people so far (April 2014)- see for yourself.