National Investigation Department Of Nepal

by Sapana Sharma
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The National Investigation Department of Nepal is an intelligence agency collecting information about the security of Nepal. They look into many crimes, like terrorism and human trafficking. The main office is located on Singha Durbar. The NID, as it it abbreviated, solves these crimes. There are around 1000 agents affiliated with the NID in all 75 districts of Nepal.

The first chief of the National Investigation Department is Rom Bahadur Thapa, followed by Harka Bahadur Thapa. These people make the citizens and tourists of Nepal feel safe. Nepal is a country that doesn’t have that high of crime rates, but when the crimes do happen, the NID is on it. Of course, these 1000+ agents won’t track you, but they will make sure that the safety of Nepal is 100%.

If you would want to compare the National Investigation Department of Nepal to anything, it would definitely be the FBI in the United States of America. The NID of Nepal protects the best they can. The NID is the main intelligence agency in Nepal, and they do a really good job of it. They track international spies to see who is really on Nepal’s side. Their skills make it sure that Nepal is safe for citizens and visitors.



Nepal Investigation Department (NID) - Heads Of The Department

  1. Harka Bahadur Thapa
  2. Ram Prasad Shrestha
  3. Chand Bahadur Rai
  4. Lekh bahadur Panday
  5. Bishnu Raj Panta
  6. Hari Bahadur Chaudhari
  7. Deviram sharma
  8. Dhan sing karki
  9. Ashok dev bhatt
  10. Moti gurung
  11. Jeet bahadur kc
  12. Dilipraj Regmi
  13. Ganesh Prasad Adhikari (current)

Vacancy Notice From Nepal Investigation Department

National Investigation department vacancy

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