Using Vibrations and Waves for healing

by Amulya Pandey
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The term “Sound Healing” is generally used interchangeably with terms such as “Sound Vibration Healing” and “Sound Wave Healing”. However, they all relate to the same concept. All of them refer to the use of sounds to heal ailments or to replenish low energy levels in the body. There is, however, a distinction between the core concept of waves and vibrations.


A vibration is referred to a to and fro movement of anything. This entails an object or in the microscopic level, an atom, moving in one direction from its state of rest only to come back to its original state and then move in the opposite direction. A wave is generalized as a conductor of vibrations. When similar vibrations of atoms move in a particular direction, carrying their energy from one place to another, we call it a wave.


A wave carries energy through a matter and at every given point causes the atoms of the matter to vibrate in the same way. As waves travel, they dissipate their energy to the atoms they traverse through and so the deviation of the vibrating atom from its original position is less pronounced as the wave moves along them.


Now that we are familiar with the relation between waves and vibrations, let’s get back to the topic at hand. How are sound waves and vibrations used in healing living organism? I say living organisms and not humans because sound healing has been used to cure ailments in other animals as well. The most distinct of which is using them to treat horses, also known as Equiline Sound Therapy.


As I mentioned earlier, the transfer of vibrations is a wave and each wave transforms a certain amount of energy as it traverses. With respect to sounds, these vibrations start at the source of the sound – usually an instrument when it comes to sound healing. For some methods of sound healing, they traverse through the air and register themselves in the ear. For some other methods, the waves produced are directly transferred to the body through contact with the instrument and the body.


As these waves travel through our body, either via the ear or throughout the skin, they change the energy levels of the waves within our brains, which in turn, cause a change in the energy levels of our cells. The brain emits its own waves of varying frequencies and different frequencies bring about a different change within our body. Sound vibration healing or sound wave healing aims at inducing the production of waves in the brain that are in the range of frequencies that have healing effects within the body.


Sound waves have pronounced effects when they interact with water, i.e pass traverse through water and since our bodies are composed of water, for the most part, these effects translate in the body as well. Water is the basis of all cells in the human body and as sound waves interact with us either via the ear or through contact with the skin, the water in cells start vibrating with energies corresponding to the sound waves or sound vibrations. Cancer cells have been shown to vibrate to the point where they eventually explode when interacting with sound vibrations.


This way sound waves and sound vibrations enable the body to accelerate the healing process. The key lies in being able to differentiate between the various frequencies of the sound waves and use the waves that are useful for the body while discarding the ones that have little to no effect on us.

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