Udemy Courses for Nepali People

by Bijay
Udemy Courses for Nepali People

Nepal lies in between China and India.  The cultural and language over lap with India is quiet major and some with China.  It is important and quiet advantageous now to speak Mandarin and learn more about the Chinese culture. By combining Mandarin skills with Hindi (language of India) and English, Nepali people are in a position to benefit tremendously from these growing economies.

Udemy provides an incredible opportunity to learn online from anywhere in the world.  They provide some good language courses at a very low cost.UdemyLogo-Udemy Courses

One such Mandarin instruction (for US $12 only) is a course from instructor Felix Lattman.  He has a very unique way of teaching by using short entertaining videos.  The videos are very engaging and simple.

Although Felix himself is a foreigner, his language skills are at a very high level.  Since he himself went through the process of learning Mandarin, he knows what new learners go through while learning a new language.  The course Felix provides is great for beginners.  For more in depth Mandarin there are other courses too.Nepal Consulate in the US-Udemy Courses

Such a course is a course from instructor Hong Zeng for College Mandarin Chinese.  The course is very detailed with both pinyin and also simplified Mandarin.  The course is discounted and is only $12. This course is more for intermediate level Mandarin learners.  The course allows the possibility to learn six months’ worth of Mandarin in only one month.

Both the courses have predominantly five star ratings.  The instructors are also quiet engaging and respond to student questions readily.  Although the courses are online courses, they do have a personal touch. Students can ask questions in the comment section and the instructors are able to respond.

Some comments from the students:

“Since the introduction course I felt really surprised because of the simplicity behind the Chinese structure.” Five star review of course from Felix.

“Professor Zeng’s first course. It fully breaks down and explains all elements of the language, including grammar structures, and at the same time uses fun and engaging topics and dialogues to stay interesting.” Five Star rating.

Nepal is geographically situated between two of the largest countries and the fastest growing economies in the world.  Encouraging language abilities will enable the people of Nepal to take advantage of its location.  Having Nepali people learn Indian, English and Mandarin will give them a huge boost in its economic growth.  Online courses like Udemy are an option for rapid learning.