Nepal Yoga Trek

by Bijay
Nepal Yoga Trek

Nepal Yoga Trek – Ranked in Trip Advisor as the #1 Trek from Pokhara – Nepal , this trek has glaring reviews from those that have participated in this trek.

Yoga In Nepal

Yoga In Nepal

Here is an excerpt from one of the trekers:

“Walking every day was challenging but at a relaxed and enjoyable rythm. The morning yoga and stretching during the day provided the ideal muscular and mental positive attitude and the meditation in the evening was ultimately relaxing.”

In tune with the philosophy of Yaga, these Yoga treks are not grueling. There are three Yoga Treks offered. Panchassee Yoga Trek (6 days), Annapurna Base Camp Trek (12 days) and Poon Hill Yoga Trek (8 days).
Here is a brief out-line of what to expect:

  1. Start with meditation, joint loosening exercises and yoga in the morning.
  2. Continue with stretching during the day after some walking.
  3. Finally yoga nidra after the days trek ending in chanting in the evening.

The idea is to have the trekkers return very relaxed from these trips. Many of the parties have had such relaxing experience. “I had the best time – Yoga in nature, relaxation and the Annapurna range in front of you.”Judy.

These treks are good for even those people who have not done any Yoga before. The pace of the trek is such that some past participants with knee problems were able to complete the trek with out any problem. The teachers and guides are also versed in massage therapy and will help you alleviate your pain if needed.
Here is one advice from past participants: Take ear plugs because there is no sound proofing.