Tibet Tours

by samyak
Tibet Tours

Tibet Tours is the page on this site that shows you through Google Earth how you will be traveling from Nepal to Tibet. As you travel from Kathmandu to the Border Town of Zangmu you will see actual satellite imagery of the travel route. First you will be drive through towns like Bhaktapur, Dolalghat, Barhabise in the Nepali side. The Arniko high way winds-up the Sun Koshi River. Sunkoshi river is very popular river for white water rafting. Many tourists come to Nepal for white water rafting. You will also get to experience bungee jumping.

Finally you will cross into Tibet over the Friendship Bridge. The first stop on the Tibetan side is Zangmu. An old Tibetan town nestled in the hills. Here you are required to submit your Travel documents. Travel documents are obtained in Kathmandu. Your travel agency should be able to obtain that through the Chinese Embassy for you. As part of these Nepal based Tibet tours you will get two in on package. You will get to see tow of the most exotic countries of the world, Nepal and Tibet, the autonomous region of China.

Click the link below to see the Google Earth Tour Tibet animation.
Tibet Travel

When you embark on one of these Tibet Tours, you will actually see 5 of the world’s highest peaks. This includes Mount Everest and Lhotse. You will also drive through Shigatsi, the second largest

city of Tibet, where the Pancham Lama used to live.