by samyak
Places to Visit in Nepal




Named after the legendary King Janak, Janakpur was the capital of the ancient Indian Kingdom Mithila, the native country of goddess Sita, the wife of the Hindu god Rama and the heroine of the great Hindu epic Ramayana. Today Janakpur stands as the most cleanest and interesting


place among all the towns of Terai.

Janakpur has become a great piligrimage site for Hindus today. The most sacred sites are the Janaki Mandir, dedicated to goddess Sita, the Ram Sita bibaha(marriage) mandir, built over the spot where Ram and Sita were said to be married, Ram Mandir, dedicated to god Ram and the holy pond Dhanush Sagar. Hundreds of Indian devotees come here every year to pay their respect to the goddess at this temple.


Besides the religious importance, Janakpur is also the center for the revival of the ancient Mithila art and craft. As a tradition, Mithila women have always been decorating the walls of their houses with paintings depicting figures from Hindu mythology in


abstract forms, sometimes resembling a mandala.

Getting Around

Janakpur is manageable on foot and the lack of car makes it an absolute pleasure to walk Cycle rickshaws are plentiful and cheap; good for visiting the semi-rural suburbs of Janakpur, with their village feel and many water tanks.

Getting There

By “express” bus, Janakpur is 12 hours from Kathmandu and seven hours from Kakarbhitta. An easier way is to fly directly from Kathmandu which just takes around thirty to forty minutes. Flights from Kathmandu are three times weekly; the airport is two kilometer south of town.

Accomodation and food

There isn’t much in the way of tourist hotels. Hotel Welcome is the best, with rooms from Rs.45 to Rs.500 for an airconditioned suite. Food is deliciously Indian influenced, with lot of sweets and vegetarian specialities for devout Hindus, though the lack of menus may reduce you to sign language or a point and eat system. Look around the bazaar or across from the Janaki Mandir for tea stalls, sweet shops and restaurants.