by samyak

Frequently Asked Questions on Traveling to Nepal

This FAQ is designed to answer many of the questions for people who are planning and preparing for a trip to Nepal. Many peopel even wonder : “Where is Nepal?”  This site will help you not only answer that question but will also help you understand the country better.  The questions listed here, and their respective answers are meant only as a general guide to help you plan and organize your trip before you actually hit the road. They are not meant to be a detailed out-on-the-road guide. For further details and more on day-to-day travel guidance, get hold of one of many excellent travel books that have been published over the years. A short list of good travel books are listed in our Travel Bibliography. Many of them are available in bookstores around the world; but if you can’t find one in a store near you, don’t worry, you can get them in Nepal once you arrive there. Check out Pilgrims Book House for more information on Books.

Note that the monetary unit used in this FAQ is in US dollars ($), or in Nepalese rupees (Rs) unless otherwise stated. The figures quoted pertain to approximate figures at the time of writing this FAQ, 2000. Since prices in the Nepalese economy is inflating at about fifteen percent per year, all figures quoted in Nepalese rupees should be adjusted accordingly. The figures quoted in US dollars, however, will probably remain fairly constant between one year and another because the steady devaluation of the Nepalese rupee against the US dollar generally offsets this inflation.