Tihar – Deusi-Bhailo

by Bijay

Tihar also known as Bhai Tika is one of the most liked festivals in the Nepali Culture. This is the time when not only Gods but also people and animals are worshipped. In Hindu culture this is the festival to worship the Goddess of wealth – Laxmi. Also known as the festival of lights, many homes are decorated and adorned with lights to invite Laxmi. It’s a five day celebration –

Kag Tihar (Day of the Crow) – Day One.
Kuku Tihar (Day of the Dog) – Day Two.
Laxmi Puja (Day of the Goddess Laxmi) – Day Three
Goru Tihar (Day of the Ox) also Mha Puja (Day of the Body for Newar community) – Day Four
Bhai Tika (Day of the Brother and Sister) – Day Five

Kukur Tihar - The festival for dogs Nepal
Aside from the lights and the festivities, many people young and old form groups and travel from house to house singing and dancing. This is called Deusi Bhailo Khelne. The house hold create elaborate plates with food and money and give it to those groups. The groups in turn not only entertain the house-hold but also bless them for wealth, happiness, well-being and of-course long life. Normally women and men form separate groups and come on differnt days. A woman’s group is referred to as Deusi and a man’s group is referred to as Bhailo. These days it is common to see men and woman form a single group. Many organizationalso play┬áDeusi Bhailo to do their fund raising activity for a good cause.

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