Tigers In United States

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Tigers in united states
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Introduction to Tigers

Tigers are the largest cat species found on earth. The scientific name of the tiger is Panthera Tigris. These are the animals with narrow black, brown or grey stripes on their white or orange body. The length of an adult tiger can measure about 3 metre and weighs 250 kg. On the basis of its diet, tigers are said to be carnivorous animals. The running speed of a tiger can reach from 49-65 km/hr. The lifespan of a tiger is normally 10-15 years. The population of tigers on the basis of census of 2015 AD were 3,062-3,948. Tigers are facing a serious problem of getting extinct from the world, as they are hunted in large numbers. The number of tigers in world on the list of countries are presented below :-

SNCountriesNumber of tigers :-

Table Source – Wikipedia

How many tigers are there in the US ?

We can see that the United States (US) has the largest number of tigers in the world. The government of the United States has played a big role in the preservation of tigers. Americans also use tigers as their pets. It is also said that more than 10,000 tigers are living in American’s backyard but kept secret. It is hard to estimate the number of captive tigers in the US. There are various breeds of tigers living in the US. Some of them are shortly described below :-

Big Cat

Big Cat is a famous species of tiger. It is found throughout the parts of Asia, Africa and America. Big cats refers to five species i.e. tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard. Except the snow leopard, these species of cat family are able to roar. Big cats have been playing a vital role in establishing a population of cat families.

White tiger

Image Source – Wikimedia

White tiger is a pigmentation variant of the Bengal tiger. This breed of tiger is heavier than the orange bengal tiger. These tigers are found in dense jungles of Asian countries like India and China. However, it is also found in the United States. This breed of tiger is also decreasing day by day. The variation of colour in white tiger has given it a unique look. 

Bengal tiger

Bengal tiger is the most famous species of tiger across the world. India has the highest population of Bengal tigers in the world. In today’s world, Bengal tiger ranks among the biggest wild cats. The coat of a Bengal tiger is yellow to light orange. The Bengal tigers living in the zoo of the US are privately owned. 

Black tiger

A black tiger is a very distinct species of tiger. It is a rare colour variant of tiger. It has very unique physical properties. It is found in dense forests of Myanmar, Bangladesh and eastern India. Black tigers are also called Panthers. The stripes of black tigers are very difficult to be seen. 

Siberian tiger

Image Source – Wikimedia

The Siberian tiger is a subspecies of largest cat families. Its average length is about 3.3 metre. It weighs up to 320 kg. These breeds of tigers are bigger in comparison to other breeds. It is found in the northern part of China and far east of Russia. These types of tigers have the ability to survive in very cold surroundings. 

Where are Captive tigers living in the US ?

Image Source – Googleusercontent

America has one largest number of tigers found on Earth. But it hasn’t been found yet the total number of tigers in the US. It is said that Americans hide tigers in their backyards and use it as a pet. The trade of captive tigers is also done in the US. There are more captive tigers in the US than the wild tigers. It is also said that America has the problem of pet tigers. The huge cats in America’s backyard are fed with proper nutrition and vet care. Captive tigers in the United States are found in backyards, farms and petting zoos. Captive tigers in the US outnumber the wild tigers which is very hard to believe.

Strange Facts About Tigers

  1. Tigers are the largest cat species found on earth.
  2. Tigers search for their prey alone.
  3. A roar of a tiger can be heard 3 km away.
  4. A tiger can speed up to 80 km/hr.
  5. Every tiger has different stripes on their body, so tigers can be recognized from body stripes.
  6. The maximum weight of a tiger is 600 kg.
  7. Hind legs of the tiger are longer than the front legs.
  8. Tigers are also one of the fast swimmers, their swimming speed is 7-10 km/hr.
  9. Tigers do not live in a permanent group of other animals like lions.

A guide for Tiger Researchers

There are more than a thousand people across the world who research about tigers. Different companies and organizations focus on preservation of tigers. Here are some links which will provide you tips related to information about tigers :-

  1. Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger
  2. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MacroTigerInstitute/
  3. Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz4kA36me_0
  4. Some extra sites –

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