Tibet-Nepal Railway

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China plans to set up Tibet- Nepal Railway, linking the remote Tibet with two extension point, one to Nepal eastern Himalayan trails  and next to Anuranchal prades, near India-Bhutan border. This ambitious project aims to get completed by 2020, meaning in 6 yrs time, the railway will reach Kerung, Nepal, from Sigaste, Tibet.  Sigaste, a developing economic hub of Tibet has been just connected with Tibetan capital, Lhasa with a new railway marvel which came in operation from this August. This very railway is planned to get expanded in Nepal and India-Bhutan border point. 

Tibet-Nepal Railway

Kerung, the remote point of Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal lies just 275 km away from Sigaste. The railway will be thus a short journey yet will pass through the steep icy trails in the beautiful landscapes. That surely will increase tourist mobility in the area benefiting both Tibet and Nepal. And indeed the existing railway in Tibet has done same for tourism sector in Tibet.

Railway projects in Tibet came in conduction from 2006,when first railway linked Lhasa with Beijing. Since the railway operation, Tibet has grown drawn more closely to the Chinese economy, the tourism sector have flourished and natural resource exploration has intensified. Not just tourist, the railway has brought more workers, experts and business ventures in Tibet. Last year only 7.5 million people use the railway, which is as per the reports, is twice the population of Tibet Autonomous region.

Transportation challenges in the Tibet region is largely alleviated with the establishment of railway. Tibet is store for numerous mines and the railway construction has made it possible to for Chinese mining companies to conduct mining expedition more frequent and then transport these resources easily. While the major road links and airways gets halted by heavy snowfalls, landslides and other weather condition, railway has been able to stand the challenges and manage to run smoothly in the alpine heights as high as 5,000 m.

 Tibet-Nepal Railway

While China is taking adventurous plan of railway entry in northern hemisphere of Nepal, Nepal itself hasn’t been much open to railways exploration. Rails are not seen in Nepal, except the one that operates in Janakapur-Jayanagar(India) trails, the only railway service of Nepal. The Kerung railways might not attract regular travelers, but it comes with higher hope to Nepalese government. Not only that the railway will benefit the mountain lovers to explore Himalayan area that lies in Nepal-China borders but also help the economy rise via direct transportation link to Tibet.

Apart from the seemingly luring benefits of the railway,  it has also whirl analysis of India-Nepal-China trio relationship.  China’s ambition to intervene the transportation into the borders is taken with much anticipation about it being for the annex of Anuranchal prades, a disputed border for India and China.

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