Nava Durga

by samyak
In Dashain, the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped as each Goddess known as devis are famous for their different aspects and power. The images of all these forms emanating from Goddess Durga can be found in the Shovabhagwati Temple. The dance of Nava Durga begins each year during Dashain. The Nava Durga, together with four attendant Gods dance the step of tradition. It is believed that in many of her aspects, the Goddess will come down to inhabit the body of a dancer to be worshipped.

The Myth of Nava Durga:
The nine Goddesses once lived in the forests near the city of Bhaktapur. It so happened that once a priest came upon them as they were dancing their secret dance of creation. Pretending to worship them, he hypnotized the goddesses and locked them in a secret room in his house. Curious to know what was in the room, the priest’s wife opened the door; and the goddesses rushed out in fury threatening to leave the city forever.The priest begged them to stay since their leaving would mean a disaster to the city. The goddesses agreed in a condition that every year, the people would perform a dance of the nava durga. A temple was built for them in the city ;the masks are kept in this temple for the Nava Durga dance in Dashain.

Following are the nine forms manifested by the Goddess Durga:

Shailaputri Durga

Shree Shaila Putri
Brahmacharini Durga

Shree Brahmacharini
Chandraghanta Durga

Shree Chandraghanta
kushmanda Durga

Shree Kusmanda

Shree Skandamata
katyani Durga

Shree Katyaa-yani
kalratri Durga

Shree Kaal Ratri
mahagauri Durga

Shree Mahagauri

Shree Siddhidaatri