Famous Temples of Durga

by samyak
 Famous Temples of Durga
Shova BhagwatiShova Bhagwati
One of the famous temples of Goddess Durga, the Shovabhagwati Temple is believed to have been built in the Licchhavi period. After major renovations, the temple stands tall attracting devotees from near and far. The Goddess Shovabhagwati is one of the forms of Durga.
One of the forms of the Asta Matrika, Goddess Indrayani signifies power and wealth. The Goddess is also worshipped in the second day of Nava Rath.
Naxal Naxal
The temple of Naxaal bhagwati is just a few minutes walk from the Royal Palace. This bhagwati is also a form of the Goddess Durga and is worshipped during Dashain as well.
Situated in one of the main areas of the Kathmandu city, the Bhadrakali Temple is always busy during Dashain.
Though the temple of Dakshinkali is situated quite far off from the Kathmandu city, the temple still allures devotees as the Goddess symbolizes power and prosperity.
The temple of Palanchok Bhagwati,the principal power Goddess,is located in the outskirts of Kathmandu (three hours’ drive away from KTM).
The word ‘Nar’ means ‘Man’; according to myths, the Goddess Nardevi is believed to have been offered human sacrifices. The Goddess is also known as’Swetkali’
Goddess Durga manifests in the form of Raktakali as well. The temple of Raktakali is located near the famous Nardevi temple.
The Guheswori temple is situated near the Pashupatinath Temple. On the seventh day of Dashain, that is on Fulpati, the Goddess Guheswori is worshipped as a part of the Nav Rath procession.
Apart from the Dashain festival, the Maitidevi Temple holds a special attraction on Saturdays as well.
Usually busy on Saturdays, the temple of Shankata is visited in Dashain by her devotees.
Taleju Taleju
The Taleju Temple at Hanuman Dhoka is opened for the public only once a year on the ninth day ‘ Nawami’ of Dashain Thus, Taleju is of great importance on Dashain; and the temple is inundated with devotees from dawn to dusk.
Kalikasthan Kalikasthan
A home to the famous form of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of Kalikasthan is also paid homage during Dashain.