Soarway Foundation, Building safer Nepal

by Aavas Parajuli
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The Soarway Foundation was created in April of 2015 with the intent to focus on disaster risk reduction and preparedness in Nepal. Right after their commencement Gorkha, Barpark Earthquake hit Nepal causing major havoc and mayhem that followed the rebuilding of Nepal through Soarway Foundation. Sorway immediately worked on relief works on earthquake aftermaths on its beginning days. From providing direct assistance to groups working with elderly victims to securing donations on tarps, tents and foodstuffs. Soarway even collaborated with actors and musicians seeking assistance for Nepal indulging in more focused fund raising efforts.

Founded by Michael Kobold, he always had been fond of Nepal’s beauty and people’s spirit. Now, led by Ambassador (Ret.) Scott Delisi and Devin Orsi, has been passionately working towards Nepal’s development. Scott came to Nepal first in 1982 serving as a diplomat, and again in late 80s as the State Department’s desk officer and finally on 2010 as American Ambassador to Nepal. His love and passion for Nepal has always been shown on his works and Nepal and it’s communities has been motivating him in every possible way.

Devin Orsi is executive vice president of Soarway. He has his focus on uplifting Nepal by driving organic revenue, enhancing the exposure of new businesses needing assistance in unknown territory, tapping the expertise of employees to enhance CRM initiatives, providing various connections across all fields, creating innovative teams that transform ideas into highly profitable gains, inspiring employees to attract more business while creating internal controls and systems that sustain increased profitability.

As per their mission statement, Soarway believes that working in partnership with the people of Nepal they can help create a more resilient nation, a stronger and safer nation and in the process preserve a culture that is a treasure for the world. Nepal needs a champion, an advocate and a partner and Soarway aspires to be all three. Together with different organizations and people in Nepal,  Soarway can create a future that Nepalese will face with confidence rather than fear.

Soarway has not only been helping Nepal to rebuild, it has also worked in partnership to support economic development, empowering youth and building a healthier society. Few of the projects that Soarway Foundation has been involved in follow next.

  1. Empowerment through Mobility: Growth Through Education
  2. Hoste Maa Hainse: Vocational Education for those who need it most
  3. Have a Heart to Save One: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and Death in Nepal
  4. From the Tarai to Khumbu: Help the elderly who need us the most
  5. Kunde Manilhang: Preserving culture and protecting the future
  6. One day, One tree: Help Nepal and Help the Planet
  7. Accessible Nepal: Creating Jobs, Creating Hope
  8. STEM Scholarships: Nepali Kids can change the future with your help!
  9. This “Giving Tuesday is for the Children. Three projects that matter and a double matching grant!
  10. Health Camps For Vulnerable Girls
  11. What IS A Child’s Life Worth? Building A Healthier Nepal One Child at a Time
  12. Soarway Partners Who Care: Sagarmatha Children’s Home
  13. Nepal Flooding: Help for Today, Help for Tomorrow
  14. A mother, a father, a child….whose life will you save ? The Nepal Ambulance Service
  15. Nepal Ambulance Service
  16. Wounded Heroes
  17. Kinship Care-Giving Children A Chance
  18. Fighting Trafficking and Saving Lives” Maiti Nepal

Get in details about each projects of Soarway here.

Likewise, operating such projects on Nepal wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the donors and clubs that are working alongside or helping soarway in best way possible. Making a list of all the donors and clubs, we have following people helping out.


$50,000 – $100,000
Anonymous (2)

$25000 – $49,999

$10000 – $ 24,999
Etihad Airways

$5,000 to $9999
GC Myers, Artist

$1000 – $4,999
Tim Cullen, Hooligan Pens
Bruce Caveness
Pemba Sherpa
Suren Shrestha
Prem Kumar Shrestha/Kumar Electricals
Toussaint Family



$1000 -$4999

$500 – $999

  Abroad IT

Abroad IT Consulting

NEPASFinal_118Nepas Heritage Travel and Tours

Everest Lions Club of Dallas


$5,000 or more

$1000 – $4,999

$500 – $999


If you want to get involved in such novel feat with Soarway, visit their website and get involved by either donating, volunteering or even proposing a campaign for bigger and better Nepal.

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