SEO in Nepal: It’s Time for Nepalese Businesses to Start Investing in SEO  


With every passing year, Nepal is heading towards a new era, especially when it comes to the field of business. Like other areas, technology, and mainly the internet, has greatly helped businesses evolve. Everything that happens in an office has been impacted by it, and specifically the marketing process.

Businesses seem to rely greatly on Digital Marketing in Nepal these days, and why not! Online marketing makes sure that companies are able to reach the target audience, and promote their products more effectively. By doing so, it strictly focuses on conversion, and brand building.

Also, the field has boomed these days, with so many institutions offering digital marketing and SEO Training in Nepal.

One of the reasons for companies to go through such a reform is the nature of the prospective customers. These days, every one seeks ease in terms of buying a product or taking a service. They wish to sit in the comforts of their home or office, and have things delivered to them. So, if a business chooses not to have an online presence, they’re missing out on a majority of such customers.

Now, comes a very crucial question. Since every business has an online presence, either in the form of a website, or a social media page, whom will the prospective client pick? Pretty sure that there are multiple restaurants, insurance companies, liquor stores, movie halls and other businesses involved in this, and contesting with each other to win an order. There has to be some level of competition, and the way to overcome the rivals.

Turns out, only having a digital presence isn’t enough. One needs to go to the next level and stand out from others to influence the prospective customers into picking their products and services, over the ones offered by other businesses.

SEO in Nepal

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique, focusing primarily on the content, development and design aspects, which is used in terms of developing a website. By following the ways of SEO in Nepal, a webmaster ensures that the site is built with high standards, and because of which, it is easily identified by Google and other search engines as a credible and authoritative one.

It is not a day’s work, but rather, an ongoing process. To make sure that a website is properly optimized and that it stays the same way, a group of personnel need to work on it in a dedicated manner. The purpose is to ensure that the site finds its way to the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) after particular keywords, related to products or services offered by the company, are searched.

As a service user, one would always want to go with the website that is displayed on the top of the page, for mainly two reasons. The first one being that they want the searching process to be quick, so instead of looking at each and every result, they would simply click on the first few links, and make one of them their pick. The second reason being the trust factor. Subconsciously, users think that the few ones on the top are the best ones, and that is why they’re on the top, simple as that.

In Context of the Companies in Nepal

Now, as a company, you might offer the best services in the town. Also, to stay in the league, you might have a decent website developed for yourself. But is that enough?

Until your website is displayed on the first page of all the result pages, or rather, the first few positions of the first page, there is a very low chance that you might have any traffic to your website at all. Conversion at this point of time becomes a luxury.

Also, it’s a matter of credibility and brand building. The companies whose site links are on the top positions are perceived as better labels, and trustworthy service providers. Often, it is noticed that apart from other marketing campaigns, the big companies also choose to go with their full force into SEO in Nepal, and why not, they know that it’s the right thing to do.

So, as a business, if you’re leaving out on SEO in Nepal, despite the fact that you own a website, well think twice, as we’re heading in an era, where there’s going to be a lot of competition. And SEO is the technique, which will ensure that you reach up there, and stay there, provided that you continue updating your website, considering its techniques.



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