Selena Gomez visit Nepal

by Kriti
Selena Gomez visit Nepal

Selena Gomez in NepalHollywood singer and actress Selena Gomez recently visited Nepal as an ambassador of UNICEF. In her trip, she  spent her days with children and girl who were survivor of exploitation and abuses.

Speaking about her Nepal trip in an interview,  Selena said that  it was  an inspiring experience to be able to know Nepal and understand the world which in a way fill her spiritual gap she was going through.

She adds, being an UNICEF Ambassador she  had taken trip previously but this time it was different as now she is grown up and understand things in differently broader Perspectives. She reveled that she never “showered” during the trip as she was on field in completely different part  which  remove her from the bubble world she has been living in. 

Selena Gomez in Nepal

Selena with traditional Tharu Women in Nepal

Hinting on the western world kids, Selena said that  “we are constantly busy in our  phones or thinking of our daily life, we tempt easily to forget that how incredible it is to have a roof over our head.  There are children who are  trying to beg for toilet and here we are complaining that we have to do stuff everyday.”

According to her, she receive the trip as beautiful gift through which she was able to understand whats the world is like and that now her fans and followers around the world knows about this trip it has helped to caught global attention about beautiful Nepal and the children.

In the trip to Nepal, Selena spent her time with children in Satbariya Rapti Secondary School facilitating the kids education,observing them study Math, Science books.

Selena Gomez in Nepal

Selena with school children

School kids greet her with folk dances and songs performed in traditional Tharu dress. She also visited local  women community health group supported by UNICEF,  in Gangaparaspur who works for improving women and children health. Selena also visit girls who were survivors of conflicts and exploitation. It is also reported that Selena during her stay has enjoyed tourist sites in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu.

Selena Gomez in Nepal

Selena in traditional Tharu dress