Gopal Prasad Rimal

by samyak
Gopal Prasad Rimal

Born: Bikram Sambat 1975
Died: Bikram Sambat 2030
Famous works: Amako Sapana, Jangi Nishan Hamro etc.
Gopal Prasad Rimal may well be the first prose poet in Nepali literature, and he was a revolutionary one at that. In his patriotic “Jangi Nishan Hamro” he has sung about the lifeblood of the national flag as being the unity of the Nepalese people. This poem epitomized the unique triangular national flag and its colors and has been able to win the hearts of millions of Nepalese. It would be injustice to the late poet to only picturize him as a revolutionary poet who started the fire of patriotism among the Nepalese people because Gopal Prasad Rimal was also a great humorist and satirist and many of his works are filled with a lot of Nepalese humor.
Gopal Prasad Rimal received the prestigious Madan Puraskar in B.S. 1910 and the equally honorable Tribhuvan Pragya Puraskar in B.S. 2030.