Planting Seeds Practicing Mindfulness with Children

by Bijay
Planting Seeds Practicing Mindfulness with Children

A great book which helps children not only develop an excellent mind but also helps thPlanting Seeds Practicing Mindfulness with Childrenem be calm, alert and creative.  The practices of mindfulness which starts with the idea of attention and meta-attention – is the food for the mind. What we pay attention too is what we become.  Our mind has the ability to grow in function and structure – neuroplasticity.  Science has proven that these ancient practices have incredible impact on the mind.

Children today are bombarded by information.  Attention is distributed among many stimulants.  So attention is over stretched.  Since attention is what really helps the mind grow, the inability for the child to focus could have detrimental impact on the growth of the brain.  Practicing mindfulness will help the child to shut off applications of the mind that they don’t need to use at that time.  Much like a computer, the mind then runs at a more efficient level.

Research has also shown that the part of the brain that is associated with attention is also the same part of the brain that is involved with emotional intelligence.  Emotional intelligence is a tool that helps individuals become better at social skills.  Understanding of ones own emotions helps to understand others, empathize with them and there by becoming better at social interactions.

Use the tools in the book to help your child develop a highly efficient mind and also a give her/him the tools to become a good social being.