Performance Enhancing herbs: Cordyceps sinensis

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Are Chinese Athletes using “secret” performance enhancing herbs from the Himalayas of Nepal:

The 2016 Olympics is ready to kick-off on August 5, 2016.  As we read about the Russian drug scandal so devastating to the athletes,  it is interesting to see what other countries might be using performance enhancement drugs or herbs.

Olympic Drug Testing

Olympic Drug Testing

During the London 2012 Olympics, with a total of 88 medals, China came out second in the total medal count. A young Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen swam so fast in her final lap that many experts believed that that would not be possible with out some performance enhancing drug. But all the Chinese athletes passed the mandatory drug tests. No trace of substance abuse. CoPerformance enhancing herbsolympics-london-2012uld they still have a secret that western medicine has not been able to detect.

In the spring of 1993, eight female Chinese runners ran faster than the 2:27 previous world record for similar marathon. Chinese athletes have continued to do well.

Many Chinese athletes are known to take large quantities of Cordyceps, a medicinal mushroom found in the upper Himalayas on Nepal. The Chinese name for for this mushroom is “summer plant, winter worm”. The mushroom grows on the larvae of a moth. During the harvesting season May to early July, many Chinese traders cross the border from Tibet can come to Nepal to buy these herbs. Sold for a $1000 US per KG in the local market, the price can go up to $10,000 in the international market.

The Cordyceps (also known as Yarsagumba) in Nepal are known to be extremely potent because of their growth in an extreme environment. Read the article on uniqueness of Nepali herbs. Is the Chinese sports machine making a consorted effort to buy these herbs from Nepal and providing them to their athletes. It is definitely worth a thought.

Local people first noticed that when their animals grazed in these hills and ate the mushrooms, they became more energized. So the story of the discovery of Yarsagumba. The Chinese have been using these medicinal mushrooms for 500 years as aphrodisiacs.china Olympics 2016

Here is how Cordyceps could help the athletes:

1. Help the body to relieve stress bringing it back to normal balance. The high pressure of performing well in these games is tremendously stressful to the athletes. An herb which helps to distress them will help the body not relax, sleep well and therefore perform well.

2. It also acts as a tonic and and stamina and strength builder. The advantage to an athlete is tremendous. Especially, if the drug tests do not detect this type of performance enhancing substance.

3. It is also believed that Cordyceps relaxes the respiratory system so that athletes are able to take in more Oxygen by increasing their lung capacity.

Nepali Strain Cordyceps are marketed in the US. Many athletes including swimmers, runners and body builders are slowly experiencing the value of the extraordinary herb which has no known side effect.

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