PATI PELLERITO, A Sound Therapist and Artist

by Aavas Parajuli
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You might have heard of the word Sound Therapy but never paid enough attention to it to know what exactly a sound therapy is. In simple words, sound therapy refers to act of treating a person’s physical or mental condition using sound vibrations. Having knowledge of just this simple definition of sound therapy we met with Pati, who has come to Kathmandu to do research on singing bowls. She is a sound therapist and she conducts various events related to vibrations and consciousness. The discussion began with Pati explaining how the vibrations and consciousness overlap to a small audience mostly filled with people from the technological background and spiritual background.

Meditation has been practiced from ancient times to get into a higher form of consciousness. In this meditative state, people become more aware and are livelier. They are more into the moment and enjoy the present more. But for a non-frequent meditation practitioner, it might be difficult to achieve this state. And that’s where the sound comes to aid. The sound will act as a positive catalyst for a person to enter into deep meditation. The sound wave vibration which is made of certain frequencies will stimulate our mind to enter the meditative state more easily.

After having the basic idea on what a sound therapy is, we then began to explore its applications. Being involved in sound therapy for more than 25 years, Pati gave some of her real-life examples. The most interesting example was about helping the kids who went through some shocking events in past. These traumatic events led these kids to be more volatile, anxious or inhibit their ability to concentrate in school. In the United States, there were programs which transferred these kids into a special school where they focused more on improving their mental condition. One of the methods these schools adopted was having a sound session using singing bowls where the kids could relax. Moreover, some schools in San Francisco are also integrating the music therapy session with instruments like singing bowl to boost student creativity in classes.

Following the application of sound therapy, we then began to discuss on her visit to Nepal. Her main purpose was to do research on Singing Bowls. Her purpose was not only to take the people into these deep meditative states but explain scientific reason and processes behind it. So, during her stay in Kathmandu, she intends to visit more shops and gather more information on singing bowls.

Due to certain time limitations, we couldn’t continue the conversation much further so, we could only discuss briefly on her future plans after she leaves Kathmandu. She intends to incorporate sound therapy or sound sessions into more schools to help kids. Moreover, she wants to help introduce the sound therapy to more people to improve their wellbeing. We couldn’t further continue the discussion but we were grateful for the information that we received. After knowing more about sound therapy and its effect on human well-being, I think there is no harm giving it a try.

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