Min Bajracharya

by samyak
Name:Min Bajracharya
Current Activity: Working as a Photographer in
Himal Media Pvt. Ltd.(Nepali fortnightly)
from 1991,Nepali Times weekly from
2000 onwards.
Academic Qualification:School Leaving Certificate SLC board 1984
Residence Address:10-490 Keltole,Messangalli,Kathmandu,
Ward no. 27 ,Nepal.
Office Address:
Himal(Nepal Fortnightly),Kathmandu,Nepal
Fax: 977-1-521013
Min Bajracharya

  • Photo Journalist for weekely vernacular newspaper
    Bimarsha from 1987 to 1989
  • Still Photographer for Teli Patra published by
    Nepal Television from 1989 to 1990.
  • Special Contribution to Pictorial book Dawn of
    Democracy 1990 published in Nepali and English and
    Struggle for Democracy 1992 published in English and Germany.
  • Photographs published in book Class,State and
    Struggle in Nepal,1999.
  • Special Photographer for Supreme Leader
    Late Ganesh Man Singh.
Freelance Activities:

  • Photographs published in daily newspaper The Rising Nepal,
    Gorkhapatra ,The Kathmandu Post, Kantipur and several other
    local papers ,travel magazines.
  • Photographs published in International Magazines :La-Figro(France),Frankfurter and Sun-asien(Germany)
  • Freelance photographer for Police magazine “Police Mirror”.

  • International Youth Village(IYV)1990,Japan.
  • Photographer for Supreme Leader Late Ganesh Man Singh
    for U.N.
    Human Rights Award Programme ,New York ,USA
    ,1993 and London ,U.K.

  • Simulated Newsroom ,Sponsored by Panos Institute South Asia,Nepal Press Institute and British Council January 11-15,1999.
  • Virtual Picture editing desk workshop at Pathshala
    (Institute of Photographic)in Dhaka November 6 to 11,1999.

  • Held in Hotel Vajra,Kathmandu,Nepal,17 nov. 1995.
  • Koln,Troisdorf and Bone,Germany,9 April to 4 June 1996.
Voluntary/Social Works:

  • Contribution as photographer and social worker to Kathmandu Municipality andNepal Children Organisation (NCO) from 1992 to 1995.

  • Australia,Bangladesh,Thailand,Hong Kong,India,Japan,
Photographes by Min Bajracharya