A Disaster of Royal Proportions


Disaster of Royal Proportions Smoke rises during the cremation of King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, and Prince Nirajan in Kathmandu, June 2, 2001. Ten members of the royal family were shot dead in a palace massacre on June 1.

The sad summary…




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Excerpts from the 2046 Constitution of Nepal

Excerpts from the 2046 Constitution of Nepal relevant to His Majesty and his succession is quoted here. For the entire Constitution click here. PART... read more

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Full Report

    In a thousand words... (AP Photo/John McConnico) See more pictures from Kathmandu Yahoo News photos Royal family file... read more

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Full Text of the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister’s Condolence Message

Saturday, June 2, 2001. (Midnight) All the Nepalese people are stunned and grieved at the tragic and unanticipated demise of His Majesty King Birendra Bir... read more

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Press Release

As part of the process of making public the factual details about the tragic incident that took place during a family gathering at the Narayanhity Royal Palace ... read more

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Synopsis of the High Level Committee Report on the Royal Palace Incident

(Unofficial translation) In the course of collecting facts about the incident that transpired at Narayanhity Royal Palace the night of June l, 200l, this high ... read more