King Birendra

by samyak

King Birendra
Generally seen as a benevolent monarch, King Birendra ruled absolutely for 18 years before the people’s movement of 1990 convinced him to lift the ban on political parties and hand over sovereignty to the people. That single fateful decision, made on the night of Chitra 26,2046 B.S, changed the course of history in Nepal. It effectively undid his father’s legacy and ushered in pluralistic democracy.

Nepal today is an infant but vibrant democracy thanks to king Birendra ‘s wise decision – a direct result of the people ‘s movement spearheaded by the Nepali congress and communist forces.

Earlier in 2036 B.S after a student s’ campaign crippled the nation; the king showed he had democratic credentials by ordering a general referendum on the Panchayat system in which the voters were free to choose between a reformed Panchayat and multiparty democracy.

In the 10 years since democracy firm returned to Nepal in 1990 King Birendra has remained one of the few personalities who has stuck closely to the letter and sprit of the constitution further bolstering his democratic credentials.