Nepali Momo Recipe

by Bijay
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Momos are very tasty Nepali Food, increasingly gaining mainstream popularity even in the US. There are many Nepali food trucks that serve momos. Even celebrities like the basketball star Stephen Curry of Oakland Worriers are finding their way to these local food trucks. Read more about Stephen Curry tasting momos here.

Ingredients: Mince Meat (chicken, goat meat, water buffalo meat, pork, turkey, beef or Mince Vegetables): 2 lbs will be enough for about 50 momos. Each adult can eat about 10 to 15 momos easily.  You can also mix two type of meat like turkey and chicken.

Onion (Red or White): 1 big onion for 1.5 lb needs to be also minced.

Coriander: 50-100 g. Depends on your taste

Momo Nepal

Mince Garlic & Ginger: 30 g as per your taste

Salt: To taste Oil: Depends on how much fat was in the meat.

Chicken might requires more because its is more dry and has less fat.

Momo Masala: Personal preference. Some people do add momo masala, but our preference is not to add any. The momo tastes just as good.  A little bit of ground cumin and turmeric will suffice.

Dumpling Pastry: Many Chinese, Japanese and Korean grocery stores have wrappers that can be used. Or you can make it yourself at home.

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