Laa Achaar

by samyak


  • In a large bowl, mix rice flour and boiling water with a spoon
    until moist. When the mixture is cooled, use your hands to knead the
    dough until smooth. If necessary, adjust the amount of water. Cover
    dough with damp cloth and set aside.
  • While the dough is resting, prepare the filling. In a heavy
    saucepan or cast-iron griddle, pre-warm the pan over low heat. Add
    the sesame seeds and dry roast until lightly browned or when it
    releases an aromatic fragrance. Remove and grind it to make a fine
    powder in a spice blender. Process shredded coconut in the same
    blender and grind to a fine powder.
  • Mix all the filling ingredients together in a bowl. Add water to
    make a thick sauce. Set aside.
  • Knead the rested dough again until smooth. Form the dough into a
    long roll and divide into 15 pieces. With your hands, mold one piece
    of dough into a spherical shape. Flatten the center of the sphere and
    fill it with 2 teaspoons of filling sauce. Seal the edges of the
    dough gently. If there are any cracks be sure to seal them. Shape
    into different forms to your liking. Repeat this process with the
    rest of the dough. Cover the Yoh-Mari with a moist cloth until it is
  • Steaming: Yoh-Mari should be steamed right after shaping. Boil enough water
    into the lower part of the steamer. Set each Yoh-Mari on the steamer
    tray, making sure that there is ½ inch space between each allowing the
    steam to circulate. Place steamer trays on the steamer and cook for
    10-12 minutes or when they appear glazed.
  • Serving Suggestions: Remove the tray from the steamer. Carefully transfer the Yoh-Mari
    into serving dishes and serve warm with pickle and beverages.

Submitted by: Jyoti Pathak