Nepali Calendar

by Bijay
Nepali Calendar

Nepali Calendar is a lunar calendar and follows a different calendar system than the Western Calendar. According to this system, the New Year begins in mid-April. Like the Julian system, there are 12 months, each month beginning around the middle of a Western month.

Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar or Nepali patro is approximately 56 years and 8 months ahead of the Gregorian/Julian calendar. Unlike the Gregorian months, the lengths of Nepali months are not predetermined, and change from year to year, varying from 29 days to 32 days. Nepali calendar is also called Bikram Sambat Calendar, it is used widely in Nepal and India. Countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thiland and Malaysia also use Bikram sambat calendar.

All Festival dates are determined by this Nepali lunar calendar.

The 12 months of the Nepali Calendar are as follows:

Baiśākha (वैशाख) Vṛṣabha (Taurus)Mar-Apr
Jyaiṣṭha (ज्येष्ठ) Mithuna (Gemini)Apr-May
Āṣāḍh (आषाढ ) Karka (Cancer)May-June
Śrāvaṇ (श्रावण) Siṃha (Leo)June-July
Bhādra also Proṣṭhapada (भाद्रपद,भाद्र,प्रोष्ठपद) Kanyā (Virgo)July-Aug
Āśvin ( आश्विन) Tula (Libra)Aug-Sept
Kārtika (कार्तिक) Vṛścika (Scorpio)Sept-Oct
Mārgaśīrṣa (मार्गशीर्ष,अग्रहायण) Dhanus (Sagittarius)Oct-Nov
Pauṣa (पौष) Makara (Capricorn)Nov-Dec
Māgha (माघ) Kumbha (Aquarius)Dec-Jan
Phālguna (फाल्गुन)Mīna (Pisces)Jan-Feb
Chaitra (चैत्र) Meṣa (Aries)Feb-March




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