Nepal Home Page Relaunched Under New Management

by Bijay
Nepal Home Page Relaunched Under New Management

Bringing  fresh prospective on presenting Nepal to the global audience, Nepal Home Page has a vision of being one of the sparks that ignite  a new movement  –  a movement borne out of rich cultural roots and a global hunger for durable peace and a search for happiness to all.  With over 25,000 unique visitors coming from 165 countries, is gaining rapid popularity.

Nepal Hope Page Logo

NepalHomePage a platform and an example of using the powerful digital media to ignite a dormant movement.

An Inclusive Nepal : Not Only of-the or for-the Nepali People – but a heritage of the world community.

Nepal an incredible mix of some of the greatest cultures in the world – Indian, Tibetan and Chinese.

To help Nepal become the hub of spiritual knowledge  (study the past – experience the present – define the future).

Come and join the ride.  Contribute to the cause by voicing your knowledge, thoughts and ideas.