Nepal Rastra Bank publishes amendments on Unified Directives, 2076

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Nepal Rastra Bank issued a statement of amendments made in Unified Directives published in  2076. The newly made amendment allows the users to increase their transaction limit on all the digital payment which was previously low.

According to the amendments made, the maximum limit of mobile and internet transactions are as follows:

S.NEquipmentPer dayPer month
1Mobile Banking (With QR Code)1 Lakh10 Lakh
2Internet Banking ( Merchant Payment)10 Lakh30 Lakh
3Internet Banking (Account Transfer)10 Lakh50 Lakh

However, the above arrangement doesn’t affect the transaction of money if both accounts are in the same bank or financial institution under the name of the same person.

Similarly, NRB has set the maximum limit of Fund Transfer through the wallet as follows:

S.NFund TransferPer TransactionPer DayPer Month
1Agent or Sub Agent to Wallet25 Thousand1 Lakh
2Bank to Wallet25 Thousand1 Lakh5 Lakh
3Wallet to other Bank account25 Thousand1 Lakh5 Lakh
4One wallet to another25 Thousand1 Lakh5 Lakh

Also, there will be no limit when transferring money from the wallet to wallet carrier’s bank account.

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