Natural Herbal Remedies: Uniqueness of Nepali Herbs

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Natural herbal remedies:uniqueness of Nepali grown in nature are highly potent. Due to many chemicals inherent in farm grown products (even herbs), it is believed that organic herbs are better. That definitely is the case. But even better than organic herbs are the herbs that are found naturally with-out the intervention of humans during the growth process. But where on earth is it possible to still find herbs with no human intervention and have the potential to be natural herbal remedies? One such place is the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal.
Here are some reasons that make Nepali herbs very unique:

1. Most of the herbs found in Nepal are unique to the Himalayas. Even if they are available in other regions of the world, the Nepali strain of these medicinal mushrooms is unique to that part of the world. According to a study performed by Joshi A. R. and D. P. Joshi in 1991 there are 396 species of flora endemic to Nepal. There study titled “Endemic plants of Nepal Himalaya: conservation status and the future direction” was published in Asian Center for Environment Management and Sustainable Development.

2. Many Nepali herbs are 100% natural and fully organic. That is why they are called natural herbal remedies. Neither chemicals nor additives have been added to the herbs. Although they may not have an FDA proof of being organic, the sheer remoteness of the harvested herbs makes it impossible for it not to be organic.

3. More importantly, they have not had any human interventions except for during the time of harvesting. Humans can-not reach these remote areas easily. The region is accessible only during certain season due to snow. There are not that many dwellings above 18,000 feet in the Himalayas. The harsh environment and the low oxygen level make it very difficult for humans to survive, much less live.

4. Himalayan Herbs found in Nepal have high principle constituents (chemicals). These chemicals are unique and high-potent due to the fact that they need to survive and grow in one of the harshest environments in the earth: the Himalayas. Talk about the chemical composition of Yarsa Gumba (Cordyseps) and why the Nepal strain is the most expensive. Many companies in the developed countries tout the “Nepali Strain” of the herbs that they sell. One great example is Cordyseps sold in the US with the label “Nepali Strain”.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Herbal Remedies

Are Chinese athletes doing well because of Yarsagumba. Read the article on how China did so well in the 2012 Olympics in London using performance enhancing herb.

Natural herbal remedies are found in many nutritional supplements. It makes sense to buy those supplements that use the best and most naturally available herbs. For more information on how to import or export herbs from Nepal , please leave us a comment or call us at (415) 857-2612. Our email address is

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