Muse – Brain Sensing Meditation Tool

by Bijay

The brain is an incredible organ that has the ability to reprogram itself. It can change the patterns of activities that happens. Muse is a tool that will help to harness that power and enable individuals to achieve levels of brain control that was not deemed possible before.

Muse Meditation Tool

Our brain at its core is an electrical organ. Every time a neuron fires a electrical impulse is generated. The sum total of all these activities can be read with modern technology. Muse has been able to do just that – read brain signals to help you understand, measure and improve our brain function.

The four sensors in Muse measures brain activity. It will push that information to a smart phone device through Bluetooth.

Managing your brains exercise will help develop healthy brain habits, improve concentration and memory. Helps to develop cognitive and emotional abilities. You can then have a healthier and happier brain.

The best way to understand how Muse works is to compare it with a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitor measures your pulse and helps you understand what is going on with your heart while you are exercising. In the same way, Muse helps you understand what is going on with your brain while you are doing mental exercises like meditation. Muse will give you more information while you are doing brain exercises so that you can improve your brain function.

There are many exercises that are built around developing your attention. When we try to focus, the natural result is distraction. When this happens the mind goes off-course. Muse can actually tell you when the mind is going off-course so that you can quickly bring it back to focus. The process of attention and distraction and bringing the mind back to focus is the key to exercising the mind.