Learning English Language

by Bijay

Not only immigrants but many Americans with their first language as English, get confused with some words that have similar sound and spelling.  Here is a great list if you are thinking of Learning English Language.

Learning English 1






Adverse and averse


Affect and effect

Compliment and complement

Criteria and criterion

Discreet and discrete

Elicit and Illicit

Farther and further

Imply and infer

Insure and ensure

Number and amount

Precede and proceed

Principal and principle

It’s and Its

They’re and their

Who’s and whose

You’re and your

https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/the-32-words-that-used-incorrectly-can-make-you-look-bad-161319699.html – Make a video of this article.

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Other words listed in the comments section:

Send and sent

than and then