Learn Nepali Cooking While you are in Nepal, part-2

by Kriti
Learn Nepali Cooking While you are in Nepal, part-2

You might want to have more choices concerning Nepali cooking classes, Well then, know that while the hard core business of most travel and trekking agencies in Kathmandu are organizing well planned trips around the country, or organizing well thought out trekking schedules, some are realizing that teaching Nepali cooking to tourists could be an interesting addition to travel itineraries. So, ask around to see if your agent has provision for such when you visit Nepal. There’s one agency, Trip and Trek Pvt. Ltd. that does have such a provision, at a reasonable cost too, only about USD 40 per person. A Nepali cooking course will be arranged with a skilled Nepali housewife. Indeed, can there be a better cook and a teacher for the art of homely Nepali cooking?

Yes, it is homely Nepali cooking that you’ll be learning about. You’ll go visit the local market to get your hands on fresh-everything: freshly ground spices and vegetables just plucked from the field to meat of chicken and goat that still have warm blood flowing from their recently chopped necks. One of the more interesting things will be getting a handle on how much and which of the various Nepali masalas (Nepali spices) to use for particular dishes, dishes that go to make a typical Nepali meal: bhaat (steam-cooked white rice), daal (lentil soup), tarkari (spicy vegetables), saag (fresh spinach), masu (chicken or mutton cooked with a mixture of some 12 different spices). Along with this, you also get to learn how to make roti (wheat bread) and pickles (may be tamatar ko achar (pickle of tomato, hot and spicy) or alu, mula, kerau  (potatoes, radish, and a kind of small beans, again, hot and spicy).

Seems like a lot doesn’t it? Do keep in mind that this is what most Nepalis eat for lunch and dinner (although the masu is usually reserved for weekends only, if that, since meat is pretty expensive). And, this is what Nepali housewives cook day in and day out. Aside from the typical Nepali meals and such, Nepali cooking classes also teach you how to make momos (dumplings with either meat or vegetable fillings), that most popular dish of the country. It has its origins in China. Along with momo, you will also have the chance to learn how to make thukpa and chow mein (again, of Tibetan/Chinese origin). Ghale Treks & Expeditions is another trekking agency that arranges Nepali cooking classes that can teach you to make the above-mentioned dishes besides typical Nepali cuisine.

Courses are generally two-hour long and cost about USD 60 for a vegetarian plan and USD 80 for a non-vegetarian one. Another travel agency that organizes Nepali cooking classes is Social Tours. They charge NRs.750 per person and conduct Nepali cooking classes on weekdays. You will learn all there is to learn about cooking the typical Nepali dishes besides momos and aloo parathas (potato-stuffed wheat bread). Take a friend along since the minimum number required is at least two for a course. Then there is Himanshu Hometay that offers Nepali cooking classes to its guests. Guests stay in a private home and live like a family member during their stay. Naturally, here you will get to learn to cook homely Nepali food as well, which by now you must be familiar with, you know, daal, bhat, tarkari, et al. You don’t need to pay extra for the two-hour class, it’s included in the USD 37 per person per night that they charge you for your stay there.

All in all, Nepali cuisine is something that you’ll surely find tasty and nutritious; wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go back able to cook up all those tasty dishes for friends and family back home? Well, here’s your chance to be so able.


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