How to play Madal ?

by Kriti
How to play Madal ?

Here are basic steps on how to play Madal.

First tone you make in Madal is “TAANG”.   To make this tone, Use your index finger and hit the Right end of Madal. Place the finger near to the khari (black circumference) part so as to touch the khari part, around the edge of the black circumference. This makes an open sound “TAANG”.

The next tone is “TAAK”. Use middle finger, ring finger and small finger, three at once and hit the centre of black circumference, the Khari Part in left end. Don’t use index figure for making this tone.
Madal Babu Raja
The next tone is “NA”. This tone is produced by hitting the white border part, or the chandiregion in right end of Madal. Use  tip of index finger to make this tone.

Now in the left end of Madal, the next tone is “DHING”. Use all 4 fingers, except the thumb closely and hit the open end of Madal with middle portion of joint all four fingers. This is also open sound.

The next tone is “KHA”. This is a close sound made in Left end of Madal. For making this sound hit the middle portion, but just touch the black portion.

Now the next tone is “DHAANG”. This is combine tone made by hitting both left and right end of Madal. The “TAANG” tone and “DHING” is made simultaneously. Use the first step and fourth step to make this tone.

These are the basic steps of how to play Madal.

This Youtube Video is in Nepal but has all the sounds of the Madal.
From Babu Kaji

Parasu Ram

From Sanu Raja
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