Himalayan Elementary School, Helambu, Nepal

by Kriti
Himalayan Elementary School, Helambu, Nepal

Donate Nepal If you have read John Wood’s  ”Leaving Microsoft to change the world” you must have read the education scenario in the remote Nepalese villages. Nepal is a very mountainous country. Access to education in the villages is a major challenge.  Helambu, is one such example village with no different story than the rest of “still developing” villages of Nepal.

However, to ignite the hopes of majority Nepalese there exist one area of tremendous opportunity.  That area is the use of the internet to provide online education in these inaccessible remote regions of the country.  Free education through MOOC (massive open online courses) like Coursera and low cost knowledge through sites like Udemy are great resources to help the educational efforts.

Mr. Purna Gautaum, locally known as Purana sir, is a local principal of Melamchigau Lower Secondary School. It is an ordinary primary school located in Helambu, a hilly village of Nepal but it is being beyond ordinary for the local Helambu residents and neighboring communities. Mr. gautuam has been teacher all his life and now under his supervision, he is successfully running a public school of Helambu as an English speaking private standard school. Melamchigau Lower Secondary School is a medium scale public school but Purna Sir has been providing quality education to the underprivileged kids in English medium.

Helambu lies some fifty miles in north-eastern side of Nepal and attracts majority of tourist for its beautiful geographical settings and pristine natural beauty. It is a small shepra dominated village where majority of people depends on agriculture and foreign employment. In Nepal, the educational institutes are sharply divided into public (governmental) and privately own. In general, Public schools are  considered less standard and back dated. In cities, people have easy access to quality education but in remote rural places even public schools are not in every ones’ approach. But people like purna sir has being a local hero to be able to conduct a public school in private school standard. He also encourages girls education and hygiene of the students.

Today, there are altogether 90 lower secondary level students studying in Melamchigau Lower Secondary School. There are 7 faculty members and some social volunteers as well. Many neighboring villages also send their children to study in this school. “The school has really been best alternate for unaffordable private schools”, the villagers have to say.

With a website and a Facebook page, schools in the remote village can tell the story of their efforts to the rest of the world.  With the access to online education, they can also get a taste of today’s educational opportunities even in the distant villages of Nepal.