by Bijay

Cordyceps or Yarchagumba in Nepal, is found in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. Cordyceps often makes headlines in Nepal. The headlines are not only because of its medicinal values but also because of the high market price and the financial dependence of people of remote areas of Nepal like Dolpa and Darchula on this particular herb. This incredible herb can fetch up to $10,000 or more per kilogram in the international market. But these herbs do not always reach international markets through proper channels. Illegal trade and export of this herb ws rampant before 2001. This was the year that the export of Yarchagumba was legalized in Nepal.

Cordyceps are harvested starting in May as the snow melts. The harvesting season lasts until the beginning or first half of July before the Monsoon rains. It normally takes about 4 days to get to these remote mountains. They are mostly found in the Northern facing slopes of the mountains.

Here are some other interesting facts about Cordyceps from Nepal:


1. The mushroom grows between the altitude of 3200-4500 meters (about 10 to 12 thousand feet above sea level).
2. One KG of Cordyceps will contain between 3500 to 4000 pieces of the herb.
3. It takes five people a month to collect this amount of herb.
4. The economic impact of this herb in that region is about 2.5 to 3 million US dollars per year.

Cordyceps from Nepal

Villegers Harvesting Cordyceps Naturally In Nepal

In the western countries like the US, Cordyceps from Nepal are sold as dietary supplements. One good example is Cordyceps sold by a company called Marketed as dietary supplements, the company markets the product with the label “Nepalese Strain”. Many people buy the product to enhance their stamina (including sexual) and immune enhancer. Cordyceps are also thought to to increase energy. In the traditional Chinese medicine – it is used for strengthening Chi (energy). sells this product for approximately $25/for 30 tablet bottle.

Bhutan also has a good supply of Cordyceps. Here is a link regarding Cordycep prices in Bhutan. or Yarchagumba is a fungus and in Nepal grows on the dead caterpillar. Because of its rare existence, Nepali Cordyceps are highly prized and worth their weight in gold. Read more about the Uniqueness of Nepali Herbs as Natural Herbal Medicine.

Although narrated in French this article has some great footage of how Cordyceps grows in the mountains and how it is harvested from it Natural form. Start at 2:37. Great animation of how the mushroom grows on a caterpillar and protrudes from the ground.

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