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by samyak
World Bank Data
World Bank is One of the Prominent Banks In Nepal helping in its development.
South AsiaLow Income
Population(millions)23Population growth(%)2.3
Surface area(1000 sq.km)147Population per sq.km164
GNI($ millions)5,173GNI per capita($)220


Life expectancy(years)545758
Fertility rate(births per woman)
Infant mortality rate(per 1000 live births)1017975
Under 5 mortality rate(per 1000 children)138117109
Child malnutrition(% of children under 5)47
Urban population(% of total)91112
Rural population density(per km2 arable land)748700
Illiteracy male(% of people 15 and above)534342
Illiteracy female(% of people 15 and above)867877
Net primary enrollment(% of relevant age group)64
Net secondary enrollment(% of relevant age group)23
Girls in primary school(% of enrollment)3641
Girls in secondary school(% of enrollment)2937

Forest(1000 sq.km)4739
Deforestration(% change 1990-2000)1.8
Water use(% of total resources)13.8
CO2 emissions(metric tons per capita)0.00.1
Access to improved water sources
(% of urban pop.)
Access to sanitation(% of urban pop.)683475
Energy use per capita(kg of oil equivalent)324343
Electricity use per capita(kwh)3247

GDP ($ millions)362848524995
GDP growth (annual %)
GDP implicit price deflator (annual % growth)
Value added in agriculture(% of GDP)51.639.941.7
Value added in industry (% of GDP)16.222.521.3
Value added in service (% of GDP)32.137.636.9
Exports of goods and service (% of GDP)10.522.823.0
Imports of goods and service (% of GDP)21.133.930.0
Gross domestic investment (% of GDP)18.424.820.2
Central government revenues (% of GDP)8.510.510.3
Overall budget deficit (% of GDP)-6.8-4.6-3.9
Money and quasi money (annual % growth)18.524.021.6

Technology and infrastructure
Telephone mainlines (per 1000 people)31011
Cost of 3 min local call($)
Personal computers( per 1000 people)2.32.7
Internet users (thousands)01535
Paved roads (% of total)3842
Aircraft departures (thousands)261712

Trade and Finance
Trade as share of PPP GPD(%)
Trade growth less GPD growth
High tech.export
(%of manufactured exports)
Net barter terms of trade(1995=100)
Foreign direct investment($ millions)6124
Present value of debt($ millions)1654
Total debt service($ millions)7088107
Short term debt($ millions)243143
Aid per capita($)231815