Things To Do In Pokhara

by samyak
Things To Do In Pokhara

Boating On Phewa Lake- Pokhara Boating. Pokhara diverse
natural wonders make it an excellent setting for adventure sports. Sailing or paddle
boating on Phewa Lake’s emerald expanse is something no visitor to Pokhara would like
to miss. Boats and boatmen can be hired or you can row yourself.


Horse Riding- Pokhara

      Pony trekking. With a
landscape varying from the even lakeside to small hills with the most famous view in
the country, Pokhara provides a magnificent opportunity for sight-seeing on horseback.
Some hotels keep ponies while others help you hire them.

      Hiking destinations around Pokhara
include Sarangkot (1,592 m), a former Kaski fort lying atop a hill 5 km west of
the old bazaar; Kahundanda (1,520 m), to the north-east of Pokhara, which has a
ruined fort on the summit as well as a view tower; and Ghachowk, a typical Gurung
village and the site of one of the region’s oldest settlements, is a five-hour walk to
the north of Pokhara. The ancient fort of Nuwakot, 15 km south of Devi’s Fall,
is also ideal for savoring the splendors of nature. Naudanda is a five-hour walk
and a favorite with those wishing to get away from it all.

Paragliding- Pokhara

      Paragliding. Fly freely
amongst the magnificent Himalaya with eagles and griffons to join you as you soar over
lakes and villages. Bring your own equipment. Sarangkot is the jumping off point for