Rana Bahadur Shah(1832-1862)

by samyak
Rana Bahadur Shah(1832-1862)
Rana Bahadur Shah
Father: Pratap Singh Shah
Ruled: 1834-1855


Major Works and Events
  • The valiant Damodar and Amar Singh Thapa invaded Garhwal, Almorah and Kumaon, and annexed them to the Kingdom of Nepal.
  • The Kingdom of Nepal’s border extended from Kashmir to Sikkim, from the Himalayas to the border of Agra, Bihar and Bengal to the South.
  • After the death of Kantiwati, the king became mad with sorrow. He smashed many idols to pieces including Taleju.
  • The rate of interest was fixed for taking loans.
  • Several laws for the development of trade and industry were made.
  • He successfully reformed the system of measurements.
  • Dharahara and Sundhara were built.
  • Rana Bahadur was stabbed to death by Sher Bahadur (his step brother)