Frequency of Nepal Searched in the Different States of the US


According to Google Trends, North Dakota falls as one of the top five States in the US where the term Nepal is searched. This ranks higher than States like California and New York. This is a pretty interesting statistics given the fact that N. Dakota is not really the most populated of the US States. Could it be possible that the reason for this is that many Nepali people are going to these states. Are there some colleges in N. Dakota where many Nepali students go. Would love to hear from Nepali people in N. Dakota their thoughts on this.

Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks and Bismarck are listed by Google as the top four metro Areas in N. Dakota where the term “Nepal” is most frequently searched.

NepalHomePage would like to connect with some students from DSU and get their thoughts on the number of Nepali students at DSU. Here is an NHP page specific to Dickinson State University Nepali Students.

Map of the US By States and State Capital