Free Online Course during COVID-19 Lockdown

by Piyush Mishra
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Education is the most required factor for every individual in this world. Education is the first and foremost thing which gives us strength to discriminate between right and wrong. In today’s world, nothing is more precious than education. Nowadays, an infection of COVID-19 is prevailing in our society. This is a very serious problem for the whole world. Most of the countries are in the case of lockdown. Several infrastructures have been stopped due to this. One of the major problems is that COVID-19 has also stopped the education system of the globe. As we know education is very important, it must not be closed. Today is the era of modern and advanced technologies. We must utilize this state. There are online study courses which can help students in many ways. Some of them are mentioned and described below :-


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BYJU’s is an android application for learning. It is an electronic class that works online as a teaching tutor. In today’s world, BYJU’s is the world’s largest platform for school students. It has about 42 million registered users. It is an application based on Indian Educational system. This application offers comprehensive learning programs for its users. It includes teaching videos, books, solutions, tests and many more. It is really a wonderful application. It can help students of Kindergarten along with grade 1-10 and also the higher secondary course. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-


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Coursera is also one of the online learning platforms. It is an online school of sorts which helps students in the learning process. Coursera is an online learning platform founded in 2012 by Stanford professors. This app can also be taken as proper utilization of technologies. It consists of more than a thousand courses in almost every field. The Coursera classes include lectures, reading assignments and video content. It also provides many free courses to its students. Coursera is the application that works with universities and other organizations too. This application can be used in COVID-19 lockdown to utilize the time properly. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-


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Edx is one of the unique types of educational applications. This application offers more than 2000 online educational courses. It offers higher secondary courses along with engineering and computer programming. It includes lectures, course announcements, handouts and video tutorials. More than 140 schools and non-profit organizations cooperate with Edx for the learning process. This application also includes courses by Harvard, IBM, MIT and many more. About 18 million students are learning from this application. Each learning sequence is composed in an attractive and understandable way. Here’s the link to the application on Play Store :-

Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization. It is an American platform created in 2008 by Salman Khan. The major goal of this organization is to create a set of online tools that would help students in their educational process. You can learn many things from this site. Khan Academy includes experts created courses for every level. This site is completely free. This platform produces short lessons in the form of videos that help the students. Khan Academy aims to provide a personalized learning experience to the students. This is a very popular and nice platform for learning. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-

Midas eCLASS

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Midas eCLASS is also one of the learning applications. This application is based on Nepali educational system. This application includes the educational courses from Nursery to grade-10. This application helps students in a better way to study. It gives a free trial of 15 days. It is fulfilling all kinds of educational needs of students and parents. Midas eCLASS provides a stepwise learning process through planning. More than 3 lakhs students have joined Midas eCLASS. This application also consists of books, lectures, solutions and video tutorials. Here’s the link to get the application on Play Store :-

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