Free English Lesson-

by Kriti
Free English Lesson-

Next Session: Mar 18th,  2013.
Workload: 6-8 hours/week .

Coursera’s next session for English course starts soon for 2013. is a free online education provider where any one can sign up for their intended short and long term courses. Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world and offer free courses online. One has to sign up to make an account in and join for their desire courses. At coursera, they offer wide range of courses. On successful completion of the course, one also get the certificate of participation. Coursera envision to educate millions of students  from the best of sources and provide equal access to education for all. Technology has made it possible and that is the reason there are thousands of students taking the online courses from

English lesson is conducted  via Duke University. Students will learn to communicate in English, read carefully and write better. With completion of the course, students will be able to understand complicated write ups, write arguments and craft powerful prose. The course aims to provide a workshop like environment where students learn via sharing what they have learn.

The course is designed so as to make a steady progress from basic level of English learning to accomplish advance level. Course focus mainly on academic writing part from simple sentence structure to writing complex arguments involving others’ ideas. All students from linguistic and cultural diversity are welcome to participate for the course.

Course Format:
With the help of 40 interactive videos, students will work on four major projects in sequenced stages with follow up evaluation for every task;

A critical response to an argument about expertise (2pp.)
A case study of an expert (4pp.)
An explication of a visual image (2pp.)
and an Op-Ed about expertise (2pp.).
There will be smaller assignments  which will help students with these major projects.

Recommended Background:
Students should have basic English proficiency.
Course Syllabus:
Unit 1 (Weeks 1-3): Critical Response
  • Read Critically.
  • summarize,
  • question, analyze, and evaluate written text;
  • engage with the work of others;
  • understand the stages of the writing process;
  • workshop writing;
  • respond towards revision;
  • incorporate reader feedback;
  • integrate quotes/evidence;
  • cite the work of others; and
  • craft effective titles.


:Unit 2 (Weeks 4-5): Explicating a Visual Image;
  • summarize, questions, analyze, and evaluate visual texts;
  • argue and support a position;
  • use evidence;
  • achieve cohesion;
  • develop paragraph unity;
  • revise; and
  • edit
Unit 3 (Weeks 6-9): Case Study
  • conduct research;
  • write an extended argument;
  • examine disciplinary expectations;
  • develop an intertextual conversation;
  • understand popular sources and scholarly sources;
  • create effective introductions; and
  • write strong conclusions.

Unit 4 (Weeks 10-12): Writing an Op-Ed

  • write for publics;
  • write concisely;
  • edit and proofread thoroughly;
  • decide whether to use active or passive verbs; and
  • transfer writing skills to new writing contexts.
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