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Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat (3 Nights)

September 6 @ 4:00 pm - September 9 @ 2:00 pm

$350.00 – $720.00

Join InsightLA Senior Teacher Beth Sternlieb and Yoga Teacher Marla Apt for a special 3-night Mindfulness and Yoga retreat. This retreat is a specialopportunity to experience a caring container for deepening our meditationand yogapractice.The mindfulness practice on retreats is often accompanied and complemented by training in loving-kindness meditation. Most of the retreat is held in silence, with periods of sittingmeditation, walking meditation,and yoga. There are teaching talks, guided meditations, time for questions and answers and meetings with a teacher. Three healthy vegetarian meals are provided for participants and dietary restrictions are accommodated to whenever possible.

Retreatants are encouraged to practice mindfulness in a continuous way, staying with their own present experience as it unfolds, moment to moment. In this silent and mindful environment, awareness sharpens, the body quiets, the mind clears, and space opens for insight and understanding to develop.

By cultivating the power of awareness, clarity and kindness, we discover our path to inner freedom and a peaceful heart deeper, for the benefit or our relationship to our selves, our community and our wider world,.

This retreatis led by a team of experienced teachers.


The daily rhythm of a retreat usually involves alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation,yoga asana and pranayama practice,nature walks, meals and tea, as well as practice meetings, dharma talks and rest periods. The first sitting usually begins before breakfast. Each morning, the teacher offers continuing meditation instructions for the day. The whole retreat is a succession of mindfulness training, yoga posture practice, breathing practices, deep awareness of the body and environment, meditations on the nature of feelings, and awareness of mind are from the Buddhist Insight Meditation andYoga Philosophytraditions.

Yoga Practice:With attention to alignment and coordination of mind, body, movement and breath, yoga asana(posture) practice is a meditation in action. Yoga asanas increase oursensitivity andbody awareness whilebuildingstrength.flexibility and presence. The yoga practice ofpranayama involves using the breath to support the energetic body and

Sitting Meditation:Sitting meditation is at the heart of silent retreats. In sitting practice silence and stillness develop, concentration deepens, and awareness expands. The training of the heart brings kindness and compassion for all that arises. We come into presence and learn to find freedom in the midst of life that as it truly is.

Walking Meditation:Walking gracefully and wisely on the earth is also a way to practice meditation. On retreat, periods of walking meditation alternate with periods of sitting meditation. Through walking practice we learn to sustain meditative awareness through movement. In walking meditation, we become aware in the midst of activity. Throughout the retreat we learn to cultivate a mindful awareness in all postures, sitting walking and lying down.

Eating Meditation:An awareness of food, and the mindful understanding of the entire process of nourishment and eating is included in the practice at retreats. Retreatants are encouraged to bring the same calm, focused attention to eating as is brought to sitting and walking. Mindful eating is a wonderful context for the arising of insights. Every bite of food we eat contains, rain, sun, earth and the work of many, many beings.

Dharma Talks and guided meditations: Each day, the teachers present a different set of teachings that are central to practicing mindfulness, yoga,and compassion. These teaching can be applied to our own experience. Sometimes the talks focus on retreat practice, and sometimes they offer teachings for wise living in the world.


The price of the retreat includes accommodation for 3nights and all meals for the duration of the retreat.

Please note that the price of the retreat covers accommodation, food, facilities, and other InsightLA expenses. To allow the teachers to continue their dharma work, support from the students is needed. There will be an opportunity to contribute at the end of the retreat to the teachers.


For more information about Mary & Joseph Retreat Center-CLICK HERE.


All meals will be vegetarian. Some dietary needs can be addressed in dairy-free and gluten-free options. If you have additional specific needs, we will try our best to accommodate, but we recommend bringing your own food if we are unable to accommodate your dietary needs.

Cancellation Fee Policy:

On or before July 25th: $100cancelation fee

July 26th – Aug 8th: $175cancelation fee

Aug 9th – Aug 22nd: $250cancelation fee

Aug 23rd or later: No Refunds or Credit Given

Space is limited, please be sure to sign up soon if you plan on joining us.

InsightLA is a community of people dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcome, open and diverse environment that stands firmly against all racial, gender, economic, or religious bias.

We are committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our programs. Financial support or work exchange opportunities may be available for this program. There is special funding allocated to People of Color (POC), Queer people, folks with serious medical conditions, and young adults (age 18-24). Funding is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Financial support is budgeted per class, retreat or event and because of high demand, can run out quickly. For more information, please contact: financialsupport@insightla.org



September 6 @ 4:00 pm
September 9 @ 2:00 pm
$350.00 – $720.00
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