When Elvis Met King Mahendra

by Shaunak
When Elvis Met King Mahendra

When King Mahendra and Queen Ratna visited Los Angeles, California, they visited Elvis. This happened on May 11, 1960. While Elvis was on set for his new movie, he entertained Mahendra and Ratna. The photo below shows Elvis obviously talking to the King and Queen of Nepal at that time. Elvis Met King Mahendra

The importance of this encounter is extremely important. This shows that the relations between Nepal and America have been strong even at 1960. The king of rock and roll is friends with the king of Nepal. They are talking casually, like it is no big deal that they have met. These relations became stronger as the King Mahendra and Queen Ratna visited President Johnson in 1967.


There are people standing around, presumably guards for Elvis, the King, and the Queen. They met at a movie lot and shook hands. Elvis gave the royalty of Nepal a tour of Paramount Studios. This was the first stop of the four day tour planned by King Mahendra. Presley gave King Mahendra an autograph too.

In Nepal, this photo is well known. Arguably the greatest music artist of all time meeting the King of Nepal, a small country? This gave Nepal the publicity that it deserved. King Mahendra traveled to major countries, like the US and England. This would be the first of many visits King Mahendra would make to the United States.