EB5 Visa and Investing In the US for Green Card and US Citizenship

The US Government has a investment visa program called the EB5 investment visa. As per this program there are 10,000 visas allocated for this type of visa by the US government. Many companies (referred to as regional centers) are allowed to create business entities for this type of visa program.

Green Card USA
A foreign investor has to invest $500,000 US in an American company to be able to qualify for this type of EB5 visa. The foreign investors has to find a partner regional center in the US who have these types of businesses. The businesses have to create 10 jobs for each investor.

In return for the investment, the investor and his/her family qualify to apply for the Green Card and eventually a citizenship. Many investors pursue this path for their children. With the US residency, their children can not only go to school in the US but also get discounted rates in the colleges.

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