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Directories   Movies   Music   Artists   Actors   Actresses   Magazines   Fashion   Radio Stations   Lyrics/Chords/Soundtracks   Sports   Download Games   Others


  • Film Development Board (FDB) – Film Development Board (FDB), established by the Government of Nepal according to the existed Motion Picture (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act amended on 20th November 1991. 
  • Films & Adfilms – Websites related with the Film Industries and Adfilms.
  • Jainepal – A cinema hall situated in the Kathmandu City.
  • Gopi Krishna – The two in one air conditioned deluxe hall.
  • Himalaya, un film de Eric Valli: Official Site – Even if you don’t understand French, Official site of Oscar-nominated film Caravan with audio and video(in French)
  • Nepali Movies – Online purchasing of nepali movies

  • Music Nepal – The largest and pioneering music publishing/recording house of the country in the private sector.
  • Music of Nepal – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Music.com.np – Music.com strives to develop and release projects from talented singer-songwriters, performers and musicians.
  • Nepali Music – By Answers.com ‘World’s greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia.
  • Nepali Music For The World – Contains popular Nepali music
  • Newari Music – By Answers.com ‘World’s greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia.
  • Ranjana Music Industries – ‘Ranjana Music Industries’ with the vision of expanding its services in the field of music.
  • Samjhana Audio & Video – SAV – An independent recording label, Samjhana Audio & Video (SAV) to provide quality music.
  • Naulo Records, Inc. – US based record company dedicated to promote Nepali music through the web.

  • Amigos – An upcoming band
  • Bunu Shrestha – A renowned singer of Nepal
  • Da Nepsydaz – A popular Nepali Rap/Hip-Hop Band.
  • Dr. Pilot – A popular Nepali Band
  • Flower Generation – Flower Generation entered the music scene with its debut album What is.. released in December, 2000. Consisting of eight originals, the album features the hit single “Flower Power.”
  • Frenz Band – A new upcoming band.
  • Manosemusic.com – Website of the Nepali Musician.
  • Nima Rumba – Official Website of the popstar
  • SagunTamrakar – A famous Nepali pop singer
  • The Uglyz – New popular band with new series of Music.
  • Deepesh Bhattarai – A renowned name in the world of music in Nepal
  • Songs by Nabin Bhattarai – Profile and Lyrics
  • Metalcross – Nepalese Band
  • Nabin K Bhattarai – An official website of famous Nepalese pop singer Nabin K. Bhattarai.
  • Sur Sudha – Nepal’s MUSICAL AMBASSADORS’



  • Expatriate Community Services (ECS) – YOUR GUIDE TO LIVING IN NEPAL
  • Himal Khabarpatrika – Fortnightly magazine in Nepali published by Himalmedia
  • Himal South Asia – English language magazine dealing with South Asian issues
  • Nari – Magazine published by Kantipur Publication.
  • Nepal – Magazine published by Kantipur Publication.
  • Nepal Traveller – Magazine that guides to know Nepal.
  • New Business Age – English Business Magazine published from Kathmandu
  • Peace Journalism – Independent emagazine.
  • The Boss – Complete magazine for the business world.
  • Wave – An entertainment oriented magazine

Radio Stations



Download Games

  • Addicting Games – Games collection with new updates.
  • Call-Break – All time favourite card game now as computer game !
  • Flashworld – Gallery of flash games and stuffs.
  • Games.com – Play free and fun online games – card, strategy, word and more..
  • Miniclip.com – A large collection of mini games.
  • Nine Men’s Morris – The game Nine Men’s Morris is one of the oldest games still played today.
  • Play with Dots…. – Play with dots… is the game of logic with an objective to provide complete entertainment.
  • Pop Cap Games – A free game gallery.
  • Shockwave.com – Free games online on shockwave.com
  • The Piano – The Piano is a small DOS program. Yo can use your computer keyboard as a piano with this program. It sounds through your PC-speaker.
  • Alog – This game is simplier version of Rubik’s cube in 2 dimensional pattern.
  • Fix the letters – The game is just the computer frame-work of a puzzle game.
  • Ramayan – This game has been developed by Mr.Bimal Ghimire in which the player needs to cut off all the heads of Rawan.
  • The Complete Bagchaal – This game on “Bagchal” is enriched with a considerable amount of intelligence. A player can play against the tiger, goat or his friend as preffered by him.