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Alumni/Alumni Associations

Students Associations(Abroad)

Student Activities/Support Groups

  • Nepal United States Educational Network – Provides information and assistance to Nepalese students wanting to pursue their higher education in the United States as well as those who are already studying in the USA.
  • Friends of Sermathang Support Group – The Friends of Yangrima Support Group helps to support and provide volunteer teachers for the Yangrima Boarding School which is situated in the village of Sermathang Helambu.
  • Gyan Carnival – The total info on 7th Eicher Gyan Carnival held in Gyanodaya School
  • The British Council in Nepal – The united kingdom’s international network for education, culture and development services
Research Projects and Journals

Study Abroad Programs in Nepal

  • Cultural Study In Nepal – University Of Connecticut – Uconn college of continuing studies will offer a four-week long study program in Nepal during winter intersession 2001.
  • Sojourn Nepal – Sojourn Nepal is an experiential education semester abroad program for people taking time off from classroom learning.
  • Wildlands Studies – A unit of San Francisco State University Wildlands Studies provides on-site environmental field research programs in Nepal.