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Online Nepali Dictionaries:

Learning is a lifelong process and one can’t stop learning because of barrier in language.
For anyone who wants to learn Nepali language, communicate in Nepali or just want to understand what Nepali language is, here we have listed number of online Nepali dictionaries available.
There are numbers of online dictionary and WebPages with downloadable Nepali dictionaries in PDF format that helps you learn Nepali language, typical Nepali phrases, translation of Nepali into various other language and many more.

  • www.ournepal.info:


 Ournepal.info is a free Nepali learning school, online. This websites develop itself as free Nepali language school where anyone can enjoy learning Nepali language in simple easy and fun way. The website also enables translation from Nepali to English and vice-versa. The best features of the website are that, it provides audio translation and teach Nepali script to make it more understandable for beginners.

  • www.nepalisabdakos.com:

Nepaliisabakosh.com, a contemporary Nepali dictionary is first corpus based dictionary of Nepali language and also of any south Asian language. This online edition includes more than 7000 words with easy definition and simple explanation of the words. This sabdhakos which intend to be published in future as a book is compiled using written corpora with Xaira XML-aware text analysis software.

This online dictionary consist head words, compound words, variant word, Nepali phrases & proverb with simple and easy definition and examples.

  • http://www.nepalidictionaryproject.org

This online Nepali dictionary is mainly designed for Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugee, who migrate from Nepal to United State of America. This online dictionary was develop in order to meet the obvious need of more than 11, 00 Bhutanese refugee who migrate to USA. This site includes more than 15,000 Nepali words, alphabetized in Devanagari script, with American English meaning and 12,000 English words with Nepali meaning. The meanings and words are presented in phonetic transliteration to assist pronunciation.  Schmidt Dictionary of modern Nepali:

  • Alldictionaries.com:

This sites content links to free English-Nepali downloadable PDF dictionary, Nepali-Thami Dictionary, Thangmi-Nepali dictionary.

  • Dicts.com:

Dicts.com offer number of dictionaries for different kind of language available in the globe. This site helps translation words from one language to another.

  • Ruth Lalia Schmidt’s “A Practical dictionary of modern Nepali” :

This edition of Ruth Lalia Schmidt’s A Practical dictionary of modern Nepali, Ratna Sagar, 1993/1994 can be search and found on Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/schmidt).

  • Nepalvista.com:

This website too offer free online Nepali dictionary which can be downloaded in cell phones.

  • Babylon.com:

Babylon.com offers free language solutions site for more than 75 languages including Nepali  in single click dictionary and translation software.

  • Freelang.net:

Freelang.net consists of around 4,515 Nepali words with English translation and 3,761 English words with Nepali translation. This site also offer downloadable Nepali dictionary.

  • Nepalhomepage English to Nepali Dictionary:

Nepalhomepage consists of online English-Nepali dictionary

  • English-Nepali web Dictionary:

This web based dictionary is available in website.informer.com. This website not only provides English-Nepali meaning but also help translating English written paragraph in Nepali.

  • Athaia.org (http://athaia.org/nepal) : This websites contain all information about Nepal including Nepali Dictionary.

  • Online available downloadable PDF dictionaries :

  • Cornell’s Nepali-English and English-Nepali Glossary (PDF)

  • Mark Turin’s Thangmi-Nepali=English Dictionary (PDF)

  • Kraemer’s Nepali-English Dictionary (PDF)

  • Kraemer’s Nepali-German dictionary (PDF)