North Dakota – Top Five in Google Search for Nepal

by Bijay
North Dakota – Top Five in Google Search for Nepal

North Dakota has one of the highest number of searches in Google Search for the term “Nepal”. This is very interesting because N. Dakota’s population is very low from among the different US States. Infact with a population of 672,000, it ranks as the 48th State in terms of population size. Could it be that many Nepali students are going to N. Dakota. If so then what is the reason for that. It would be an interesting conversation to have. Any thoughts from the students and other Nepali people living in N. Dakota would be very helpful.
Dickinson State University Nepali Student
North Dakota State University, Dickson State University students and others, please help us explain this further. You can contact us at The graph below shows an interesting trend in Google search. Until 2010 there have not been many searches related to Nepal from N. Dakota. But as 2011 started the search for the term “Nepal” in N. Dakota suddenly and dramatically increased. Does the fact that there is an economic boom in N. Dakota due to the production of natural gas through fracking have an impact. Could it also be the influx of Nepali Bhutanese refugees. Or is is a combination of many factors.

The idea behind this research is to really find out why NDSU, DSU and N. Dakota in general could be a very attractive place for new students from Nepal as their entry point to the US for higher education. We can also do some study on, when choosing a location, what are the key factors that are taken into consideration by Nepali students coming to the US. Knowing someone already there (a family member or a friend) is possibly a great determinant. The other could be the availability of jobs in the campus and also in the community. One other factor could be the availability of scholarships and assistantships, especially for grad students.

Nepali people in LinkedIn who are in N. Dakota