Curry without Worry

by Kriti
Curry without Worry

Serving the hungry souls, Curry Without Worry is one such serving kitchen that cooks Nepali staple food to feed the hungry people in San Francisco and Kathmandu. Every Tuesday evening, Curry Without Worry serves more than 200 hungry people bringing around the homeless, beggars as well as the well fed and successful ones in UN Plaza, San Francisco and in Kathmandu.  The concept is simple, to bring hungry ones in one place and let them realize how the hunger is same for all and how food fills the stomach same way.


Curry Without Worry started the service of providing free meal in 2006 as a registered organization in San Francisco. Today, the organization have already fed more than 100,000 people with help of 7100 volunteers (per the official website) who prepare and serve the food.

It all started when Shraman Nepali, a Nepali national decided to give back what he received as an orphan in his life. Mr. Nepali when realized the fact that even the rich city like San Francisco have one in every five people sleep hungry, he started  the Curry without Worry mission of serving the hungry souls. Mr. Nepali and his volunteer team   has been offering the bliss of food to all who join the queue to get their plate of whole brown  rice, bread,  nine bean soup, vegetable curry, tomato and pepper chutney. The hot full meal comes healthy and fresh served with humbleness and respect.

The  team is always in need of volunteers, or sponsor who can help to run the Curry Without Worry kitchen. One small act of kindness can make hundreds of hungry souls not to worry about the next meal.

You can contribute your bit by making a donation or volunteering.

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